duoheadstandOur warm, intimate space welcomes you with a special padded floor that minimizes tension and strain on the body while exercising. To enhance your workout, we are equipped with a variety of free weights, kettle bells, yoga mats, bolsters, straps, and blocks.


A challenging full body workout with a mix of resistance training, cardio, and body weight exercises that will define and tone your muscles. Monday sessions will focus on raising your heart rate and burning lots of calories. Wednesday sessions will focus on weight training and muscle building. All H-To-T classes are 45min.

Instructors: Nickeshia and Sandra

Iron Pilates:

A dynamic and upbeat class, Iron Pilates incorporates free weights and cardio into traditional Pilates mat techniques. Strengthen your core, legs, and glutes while simultaneously enhancing your flexibility.

Instructors: Sandra


Pilates Fusion:

Pilates Fusion is a transformative, full-body workout using props and weights to challenge your core and keep you sweating. During the class you will work your arms, thighs, butt and abs with a focus on working your muscles in new ways and at new angles to tone and strengthen those hard to get muscle groups.

Instructor: Nickeshia


Mat Pilates:

Mat Pilates will help you find the deep muscles that are difficult to engage. This is a low impact class that focuses on the core, glutes and inner thighs while toning the arms and back.

Instructor: Sandra


Yoga Pilates Fusion:

The fusing of Yoga and Pilates creates a vibrant and fulfilling class. Strengthening and toning Pilates exercises combine with dynamic yoga postures and relaxation. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

Instructors: Sandra


Detox Yoga

Detox Yoga – Purify Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Every day, we are exposed to toxins—through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we use. Even our thoughts and emotions, when negative or repressed, can be as unhealthy as a poor diet or sedentary lifestyle. A combination of twists, folds, compression of the digestive system, core strengthening and heat-inducing breath will eliminate toxins and leave you feeling rejuvenated and sweaty! 60 min.

Instructor: Sarah

Hatha Vinyasa:

A sequence of yoga postures designed to align the muscles and bones and stimulate the organs. The postures open up many channels of the body, especially the spine, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body.

Instructors: Sandra and Sarah


Vinyasa Flow:

Vinyasa Flow is a fluid, dynamic style of yoga that progresses through a series of postures linked together with breath and movement. Builds strength, stability, and steadiness of mind.

Instructors: Norah and Sandra


Restorative Yoga:

A gentle and healing practice that progresses through long, sustained poses supported by cushioning props. Stress and tension will melt as you connect with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. This class takes place on 2 different Sundays every month. Please check schedule for details.

Instructor: Sarah