Davy Bisaro


NOTICE: Davy will no longer be running Damask Studios because she has moved to Prague to pursue Physiotherapy!! 


Personal Training, Yoga, Iron Pilates, Yoga Pilates Fusion, Seniors, Inversions, Restorative Yoga.

Experience and Certifications:

Davy started Damask Studios when she saw the need for a studio with a friendly and inclusive environment where people could train their bodies in more than one type of way. Her practise began when she was studding Theology and Biblical Studies (Diploma KBC) in 2001 (England) and she began teaching Yoga (AFPA, 200Hr YA) and Pilates (PIA) in Chicago, IL in 2009 after earning her degree in dance (BFA) in Vancouver. Davy leads retreats in multiple countries yearly. In 2016 she opened her Yoga Teacher Training School: 200hr and 300hr YA Gold.

Teaching Philosophy:

Davy’s varied training and professional experience in movement based practices (Dance, Pilates, Personal Training and Yoga) has been an asset when teaching and inspired Bisaro to create Iron Pilates. This background was also the catalyst for Davy to create a studio that offers a variety of classes that challenges people’s bodies in different ways.
Davy has a keen eye for movement patterning, postural alignment and a strong knowledge of anatomy. She will help you with your form and technique. You will come out of her classes/training sessions feeling challenged and having discovered something about your body!
‘I am always exploring new ways of moving, to keep the body and mind healthy and strong. Never stop moving!’