NOTICE: Our YTT courses are no longer running because Davy has moved to Prague to pursue Physiotherapy!! 

Yi-Hsin Li – Taiwan

Great course with an awesome teacher! I was deeply grateful for my yoga journey with Damask Studios. Before joining the yoga teacher training course what I knew about yoga was the physical and meditation practises. The YYT course in Damask was beyond amazing. It taught me more about all the different aspects of yoga and how to fit into my daily yoga practice and lifestyle.

The YTT program helped me develop a stronger practice and a deeper understanding of Yoga. One of the most valuable things I learnt was how to engage the correct muscles for each asana. Yoga isn’t just unlimited stretching, (or arch) or completing some tricky postures that can cause injury at the same time. A Yogi is not a circus performer on the mat. The main purpose is that we train our mind through these poses. We have to look inside our mind and feel our bodies.

Joining the yoga teacher training in Toronto was a big decision for me. I am Taiwanese. I am not an English native speaker. I was not very talkative in class, but I never felt ignored by Davy or my peers, they always encouraged me to share my opinions or my experiences in Taiwan. Furthermore, YTT program completely changed my impression of yoga, that is not only physically practice but also mental practice. I appreciated the meditation exercises, the pranayama courses, and the yoga wisdom spread by Davy. I also enjoyed the guest teacher, Carlo, for anatomy, which was unique and so wise in his expertise. (Though it was tough for me.)

I am deeply grateful for my yoga journey with Davy and my fellow classmates; we created marvelous memories together. I would 100% recommend the YYT program at Damask Studios to anyone who wants to become a professional yoga teacher in the future or eager to deepen their knowledge about yoga. Damask Studios is a special, encouraging and warm place and it will be your best choice.